The starting point is simply fantastic: We live longer - much longer than previous generations. And not only that: We are getting healthier - and thus able to live at home much longer than was usual in the past. The problem is that we face some challenges previous generations have not had.

Diagnosis: Loneliness.

Although health is good enough to live at home, it is often too poor to live as actively as in younger years. The trips out will be fewer. The feeling of isolation becomes stronger. The good talk about a coffee cup becomes less frequent.

Diagnosis: Conscience.

The close relatives are often far away - often a long journey away - where they are trapped in their own everyday lives, characterized by the well-known time-squeeze between home obligations and expectations at work. In this everyday life, the conscience tears extra to the heart, for a grandfather or a grandmother who should have been visited far more often than everyday provides.

Video calls cannot replace a hot squeeze or a hand stroking hair and cheeks. But the video call is a very good option on the days that go by whenever it is possible to visit - where grandma with her own eyes gets to see the little boy take his first steps or hear the little girl say his first words. And the video call is also a good alternative as a tool for the two old guys who simply want to look each other in the eyes while exchanging cries over the coffee cup - as they have used to do for years.

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